Melbourne CocoaHeads


About Melbourne CocoaHeads


Meetings are scheduled for the second Thursday of the month from February to December. A meeting might be moved forward or back a week depending on where it falls in relation to public holidays or WWDC, so make sure you keep tabs on the schedule by subscribing to Google Calendar, keeping an eye out on the Google Group or following @melbournecocoa.

The meetings start at 6:30pm and go through to 9:30pm. They usually go a little something like this:

  1. Introduction, news & announcements (10 minutes). If you're looking to hire, there is a chance to let the group know.
  2. First presentations (40-60 minutes).
  3. Break (30-45 minutes). Beer, pizza and a great opportunity to meet people.
  4. Second presentations and Lightning Talks (20-45 minutes).
  5. Final wrap-up. We usually head to a local pub.

A diverse range of people come to the meetings including hobbyist developers, designers, freelance contractors, commercial and indie developers. Whatever your background, the CocoaHeads community is a fantastic, supportive group who are all ears when it comes to discussing development for iOS and OSX.

Presentation Formats

Normally a full length presentation is around 20 to 25 minutes, and lightning talks or app demos come in at about 5 minutes.

Hack Nights

In addition the the formal monthly meetups we also have a monthly hack night on the last Tuesday of the month at the Little Creature's Dining Hall. Bring your laptop along and hack over some great food, beer and conversation.

The hack nights are organised by Luke Tupper. Follow him on Twitter (@tupps for news and updates on upcoming hack nights.