Changes to CocoaHeads for 2017

Themed meetups!

At last week's meetup I was excited to announce some changes in the way we will run our monthly meetups. These changes will take effect from May on a trial basis, and if things go well we can continue to iterate. Any feedback on these changed are more than welcome.

CocoaHeads Crew

Melbourne CocoaHeads over the years has often been a one person operation, throughout 2017 we've semi-formalised a working group who will help share the load of planning our monthly meetups.

Themed Meetups

As a way to shake things up a bit we thought it might be an interesting idea to theme our meetups for the remainder of 2017. Having a set theme up front gives everyone time to come up with presentation ideas and possibly even learn something new to present. It gives us something to promote to the wider Melbourne community as a reason to attend a particular CocoaHeads event and it may provide opportunities for us to reach out to particular people to come and present where they otherwise wouldn't.

In the coming days we'll ask for wider feedback on topics and based on that we'll set a few themes upfront. For our May meetup, the topic will be UIKit. This is a broad topic, but something most of us work with regularly.

Lightning Talks

We're going to keep lightning talks unchanged. They will remain short, sharp and spontaneous. They don't have to be on topic. Having said that, Lightning Talk Month which is usually scheduled for July will be replaced with a set theme.

Speaker Mentoring

Speaking at any meetup for the first time is daunting, but it's one of the best things you can to do practice your presentation skills. We've setup a #speakers channel in slack where we hope we can provide a relaxed environment to answer any questions people may have about speaking or about their ideas.

June Meetup

WWDC clashes with our dates again this year, we will push the date back to after the event, and the theme in June will be What's new in iOS/watchOS/tvOS/macOS. It should be great fun, if you're keen to present (even without knowing what's coming), put your name down now and we can work it out as we go along.

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