CocoaHeads No. 101 - December 2016 Lineup

There's a dongle for that

It's been another great year of Melbourne CocoaHeads, thanks to everyone who has come along to the meetups, the speakers, sponsors and hosts.

Thank you to our sponsors for December, Bilue and our hosts Outware.

Meetups in 2017

Note that there is no meetup in January but we will be back in February. Keep your eye on the website, slack and mailing list for more details on the February meetup in late January.

Sponsorships for 2017

Sponsorships are available for 2017, if you or your company are keen to sponsor one or more meetups in 2017 or you'd like more information please get in touch with Jesse throughout December and January. Manager convincing documentation will be available in January.

Presentations for December

Peter Goldsmith @_petegoldsmith & Andyy Hope @andyyhope - The Year That Was

Pete and Andyy will recap the highlights of the year that was 2016.

Audrey Tam @mataharimau

Audrey is seeking feedback on her outline for an update to the URLSession video course at

Kru Majithiya - 1 Million Pushes, under $20.00 USD / month

While working on my own little start up, I created my own push notification infrastructure from scratch by using AWS. It scales as per requirements and it is completely decoupled from application servers. (Previsly scheduled for November)

Gio @mokagio - Building Seams To Test Legacy Code

A lighting talk illustrating the seams technique from "Working Effectively with Legacy Code", which can be use to start writing unit tests around important pieces of legacy code in order to ensure they don't regress.

Stew Gleadow @StewGleadow (Bilue) - Simplify your apps with serverless APIs

Mobile developers are always complaining about unnecessary complexity in their code from poorly structured APIs. I'll show a couple of examples of simplifying an app by pushing logic to the backend, without having to run any of your own servers, using Amazon's API Gateway and Lambda.

Matt Delves @mattdelves - GraphQL

GraphQL is the future.


Posponed Jesse's presentation until February

Live Streaming

Check the page from about 6:20pm.

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