CocoaHeads No. 102 - February 2017

Welcome to 2017!

Welcome back to Melbourne CocoaHeads for 2017! We have our first Hack Night for the year tonight and our first meetup for the year is next week at Outware.

Next week's food and drinks are brought to you by the Playgrounds conference! You can get all the details over at the brand new Meetup page. At the time of publishing we've still got some spots for presentations. Please get in touch (see below) if you'd like to present next week!

Attending CocoaHeads in 2017

Starting this month Melbourne CocoaHeads is on Meetup will be the main RSVP and broadcast channel for 2017. Make sure you join the group and register you attendance each month to be kept up to date. The events on this site will mirror (and should link to) the events.

We will be located at the Outware offices on La Trobe Street, the same location as last year.

Join the Melbourne CocoaHead Slack Channel

Our slack channel has active over the break and we have over 200 members. Starting in 2017 you can now invite yourself to the channel, there's no need to reach out to me directly. Head over to to fetch an invite.

Presentations in 2017

Speaking spots for all 2017 meetups are available and you can submit your talks and ideas over at the /talks form. Don't hesitate to pose ideas in the slack channel, or speak to Jesse during meetups and over email.


I am yet to reach out to sponsors for 2017 but I plan to do so in the coming weeks. If your company would be interested in sponsoring in 2017, please get in touch. Usually I have all the sponsorships organised in the first couple of months.

Playgrounds Conference

As I mentioned, Playgrounds is sponsoring the February meetup and it's coming up on the 23rd and 24th of February. Playgrounds is looking like the best international line up of speakers we've seen in Melbourne at one iOS conference.

If you haven't already got your ticket, group bookings of 3 or more can receive $100 off each ticket.

Live Streaming

I will endeavour to live stream things this year, check the page from about 6:20pm each night.

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