CocoaHeads No. 102 - Speakers for February

Seventy Eight Point Three Million iPhones

Presentations for February

Jesse Collis @sirjec - The Months That Were

Upate: Pete can't make it tonight to I'm going to recap the goings on between our last meetup and 6:30pm on the night.

Jayant Varma - Learn development in (xxx time)

A light hearted look at learning new technologies in a specified time. What time frames are good, bad, ugly and what works while what doesn't.

Matt Delves @mattdelves - Understanding Your Users

Andrew Harvey @mootpointer - Zova App Demo

Andrew is going to give us a demo of the 2016 Apple Design award winning iOS app Zova.

CocoaHeads on

If you haven't already, make sure you join the Meetup group and register your attendance for Thursday.

Live Streaming

If all goes well (USB hub permititng) check the page from about 6:20pm for the live stream.

Special Thanks

Special Thanks to Playgrounds conference and Outware Mobile for sponsoring and providing a venue for this month.

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