CocoaHeads No. 103 - March Event


After a huge week last week with the inaugural playgrounds conference, we're back for March next week!

Presentations for March

Jesse Collis @sirjec - The Month That Was

A light hearted look back at the industry happenings since our last meetup.

Tristan Ludowyk @tristandl - Side effects with ReSwift and Rx: Introducing redux-observable

Redux is a great way to avoid problems that arise from state mutation spread throughout your code. It makes changes to state declarative using one-way data flow. Rx is a multi-platform library that provides functional and reactive (although strictly not functional reactive) programming techniques.

In this talk we will show how we have leveraged both these libraries to create an Rx Observable of both the whole Redux app state as well as individual components of the state, meaning you can do things like reactive bindings in the UI. Furthermore, we will see how redux-observable allows us to use reactive programming and composition to create async effects that dispatch actions to the redux reducer(s).

Erica Chan - What the hell is Technology Law?

A quick introduction to Technology Law and key issues for developers to think about.

Jinju Jang @arle13 - Using Lottie

The Airbnb engineering team have released a library for converting After Effect animation to JSON file, that you can use for native apps. I'm going to share my short experience of using Lottie for an iOS project.

Dr. Soumitri Varadarajan - Why not practice Codesign?

A team of designers and researchers from RMIT University work with hospital patients and staff to collaboratively design patient experiences and services. Often the these services aere accessed through an iOS app.

CocoaHeads on

If you haven't already, make sure you join the Meetup group and register your attendance for Thursday.

Live Streaming

If you can't make it on the night check the page from about 6:20pm for the live stream.

Special Thanks

Outware Mobile for sponsoring and providing a venue for this month.

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