CocoaHeads on YouTube

Better late than never

I spent some time the other week organising the Melbourne CocoaHeads YouTube Channel. You can also get directly to the live stream at

As part of the reorganisation effort I have tidied up all of the 2017 livestream recordings as best as possible and published 8 videos from 2017, including three presentations from our most recent meetup. For those that watch the live stream at home, or after the fact I'm also pleased to report I have solved the mono audio issue for future broadcasts.

If you use YouTube it would be great if you could subscribe to the channel, it will only make our videos go that bit further!

2017 Published Presentations

2015 Published Presentations

2017 Livestream Links

All of the 2017 livestreams are available in the 2017 Livestreams Playlist. There's more trimming that could be done, but for the moment they are named correctly and are in order. Any gaps or loss in sound are unrecoverable unfortunately.