CococaHeads 2017 Summer Break

Planning for 2018

Historically, Melbourne CocoaHeads takes a summer break in January and we start the year off in February.

This year we will be taking an extended break. Our October Meetup No. #110 will be the last official meetup for 2017. Hack nights and NSBreakfast events will still be scheduled for November and December as usual.

2018 Organisational Meeting

Taking a break enables us to look ahead to 2018. It's a chance to get out in front and organise venues, sponsors, volunteers and topics. It's a chance to take stock of the successes and challenges of 2017.

In place of our November meetup, I'll be scheduling an open meeting for anyone interested in contributing feedback or their time to help organise Melbourne CocoaHeads in 2018. Update: The planning meeting was postponed and will be held at the Itty Bitty Apps offices in December. See here for more details.

Minutes of the meeting will be posted here and added to the the Melbourne CocoaHeads History github repo.

A brief, incomplete outline of some of the topics to cover are below:

Volunteering in 2018

CocoaHeads has always relied on the community members to keep it running. Sharing this responsibility is going to be key in 2018. Too much consolidation of responsibility is a risk. I'm looking for volunteers/co-organisers to help out in the following areas:

  • Community Coordination - Meetup dates, website blog updates, admin, slack admin, responding to emails, invoicing and following up payments.
  • Speakers Coordination - Following up interested speakers, reaching out to people ahead of time. Encouraging new speakers.
  • Sponsorship Coordination - Reaching out to potential sponsors.
  • Logistics Coordination - Food and drinks ordering, delivery, setup on the night.
  • Hack Night Coordination - Helping facilitate the hack night event (see below).
  • Video and Live Streaming - Managing live streaming, video editing and publishing to YouTube. We also have a 2+ year backlog of recorded talks.
  • Social Media - tweeting from @melbournecocoa twitter, re posting photos to etc.

Support will be provided to anyone interested in volunteering; Volunteering is as much an opportunity to give back to the community as it is for you to learn. It's about contributing what time you can and helping out. Get in touch with me directly if you'd like to volunteer - [email protected].

Hack Nights in 2018

If I could find a volunteer to help, I'd like to make an effort to formalise the Hack Nights with a venue and a sponsor. This could open up the hack night to be an avenue providing support for new members of the community and a space for hacking on that side project in a comfortable co-working like environment.

I envision the current Hack Night becoming something like a drinks night, maintaining it's relaxed atmosphere and location.

I would love feedback and input on this idea.

Sponsors and Venues

Our current model is one company sponsors the drinks and food each month and we have an ongoing sponsor who provides their venue. It was a bit different in 2011 with different venues each month as well.

There's a lot of overhead in finding sponsors each month, invoicing and following up payment - in 2018 I'd like to explore the possibility of a more efficient sponsorship model with longer term (year long) sponsorships.

Venue wise, we've been very lucky over the years with some great venues. I'd like to see what options we could come up with for 2018.

Future CocoaHeads

This year Melbourne CocoaHeads eclipsed 10 years of meetups. An independent community meeting over decade is something I don't think get's highlighted enough. Over this whole time Melbourne CocoaHeads has been run by the community for the sole benefit of the community. I'm really excited about where the Apple/Mobile/Melbourne tech community is headed and can't wait for 2018.

If any of the above inspires you to get involved please get in touch with me directly at [email protected].

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