Lineup for November

There is no escape

Welcome to November and our 100th event! If you're at all curious about the history of Melbourne CocoaHeads the early meetup history is documented here.

Thank you so much to everyone who submitted presentations for this month, as well to our sponsors this month, the awesome Domestic Cat team and to Outware for hosting.

MCs for November

Ben Deckys @cocotutch will be your MC for the evening.

Presentations for November

Peter Goldsmith @_petegoldsmith - The Month That Was

"There is no escape". Pete will convince you 16GB of RAM is enough and give you his top tips on how you can have your new MacBook Pro and eat Smashed Avocado too.

Phil Farrugia @phillfarrugia - Giving Better Talks

These days technical talks tend to follow a very rigid formula. Bring some excitement, passion and unexpectedness to your talk in order to engage your audience and deliver your core ideas in the most effective way possible.

Sam Saito - Kernel Functions for iOS

We have boatloads of processing power in our iOS and macOS devices hidden away in the nooks and crannies of Apple's obscure libraries. While use cases may be few and far between, kernel functions can give you brute force steroid solutions to embarrassingly parallel non branchy problems.

Live Streaming

There should be a livestream of the evening, check from about 6:20pm.

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