Melbourne CocoaHeads 2018

Back from holidays

We're back for 2018!

After a longer than usual break, Melbourne CocoaHeads gets back underway later this week for 2018. I thought I'd share some updates on some changes we're implementing as a result of our super successful planning meeting. For more on what was discussed at the meeting, checkout the detailed meeting notes.

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The 2018 tldr;

  • We're tightening up the presentation night schedule. Pizza from 6:00pm; finish by 8:30pm at the latest.
  • A revamped Hack Night. It's all about creating an encouraging night for new people, mentoring and learning.
  • We're implementing a code of conduct.

Presentation Night Schedule

For 2018 we're tightening up the schedule, moving the pizza first and aiming to fill the first two hours with all the content so people don't feel they miss out when they have to head home after the old pizza break time.

2rd Thursday of the Month
YBF Ventures (prev. TeamSquare) - 520 Bourke Street
6:00 - 6:30
Arrive. Pizza served
6:30 - 6:45
Welcome and introductions
6:45 - 7:20
Lightning talks (2x 15 minutes max)
7:20 - 7:30
7:30 - 8:00
Main presentation (30 minutes max)
Discussion / Packup / Leave venue

A revamped Hack Night

Hack Night for 2018 takes on a whole new format. Look out for the events as they are annouced on Meetup. Here's the pitch...

Bring your laptop and your iOS, macOS, tvOS or watchOS project to the ultimate hack night. An all-ages alcohol-free event welcoming everyone. It will be held in a professional environment to allow you to work on your project. Get help from industry experts who are on hand to help you out.

3rd Wednesday of the Month (week after the meetup)
Aconex, 96 Flinders Street
Doors open
6:30 - 6:45
Quick welcome and introductions
6:45 - 8:30

Code of Conduct

At the planning meeting we discussed formalising the kind of behaviour and leadership we expect from new and existing members of the group. Detailed notes of the discussion are highlighted in the meeting notes and the group came to the conclusion that we will put together a Code of Conduct / Rules of Engagement document. This document will be published in the coming weeks.

Annual Sponsorship

This year we're offering annual sponsorships at three different levels with one major sponsor. Please get in touch with me with me if you or your company would like to sponsor us for the year.

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