Speakers for CocoaHeads No. 109

Automation and Tooling

Our topic this month is Automation and Tooling.

Presentations for September

Gavan Chan @gavanchan - The Month (or Morning) That Was

Gio @mokagio - Automate all the Things.

Jean-√Čtienne @jeanetienne - Xcode 9 File Templates

Ben Deckys @cocotutch - Supporting iPhone X (Lightning)

Special Thanks

Thanks to the team at Realestate.com.au for sponsoring the food and drinks this month and to Outware for the venue!

YouTube and Live Streaming

As I mentioned earlier I've made some improvements in out live streaming gear, and I'm publishing current talks each month on YouTube. Check out the http://www.melbournecocoaheads.com/live page from about 6:30pm or any time afterwards.

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