Speakers for CocoaHeads No. 110


Our topic this month is ARKit, probably the hottest topic in iOS land right now. Also note that this is our last meetup for 2017. We will be back in February 2018. Checkout the blog post on our 2017 Summer Break and planning for 2018 for more details.

Presentations for October

Ben Deckys @topLayoutGuide - The Month That Was

Simon Chessum - Using SpriteKit for dynamic textures in ARKit – Tips and Traps

Vlas Voloshin @argentumko - The making of the Reveal AR demo

Renaud Lienhart @layoutSubviews - BlueBorne: the perspective of the guy who wrote the memcpy()

Special Thanks

Thanks to the team at JTribe for sponsoring the food and drinks this month and to Outware for the venue!

A big thank you to Outware for providing us a venue for 2017, as well as SportsBet for helping out in June. An extra shout out to our food and drinks sponsors for 2017 too - Outware, JTribe, realestate.com.au, DiUS, Redbubble and Playgrounds.

YouTube and Live Streaming

We will be livestreaming and recording from about 6:30. Stream will be up at http://www.melbournecocoaheads.com/live. Audio quality should be good this month too!

2018 Planning meeting

As mentioned above and in this blog post we've scheduled an open meeting for anybody who might be interested in volunteering their time to help Melbourne CocoaHeads run smoothly in 2018. If you're interested in volunteering or have ideas for Melbourne CocoaHeads RSVP when it becomes available here.

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