Topics for CocoaHeads No. 109, 110 - September, October 2017

Automation and Tooling, AR Kit

It's been a lot of fun running themed meetups over the past few months. We've had great talks on UIKit, WWDC 2017, Architecture and Swift 4. For September and October our topics are Automation and tooling and AR Kit respectively.

Automation and Tooling

Automation and tooling can cover anything from ways you and your team use Xcode to automation and testing practices you use (or would like to use!) in your projects. It's broad topic and we've had a lot of good presentations over the years. With Apple's tools improving significantly over the years and awesome third party tools becoming widely adopted like Fastlane and Buddy Build, there's lots to learn and share.

AR Kit

Probably the hottest topic right now in iOS so I'm posting the topic nice and early! Bring your demos, trials, errors and anything else you've been tinkering with within ARKit. The more lightning talks we have on the night the better - but if anyone has enough time to put together a 20 minute presentation on "getting started with ARKit" please put your hand up - it will be well received.

#speakers and /talks

As usual, head over to the #speakers channel on slack, or submit your ideas to me via the /talks form. You can invite yourself to our slack channel at here

Thanks to our September and October sponsors

A shout out and thanks to our September sponsor, our October Sponsor JTribe and our venue sponsor Outware.

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